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Your Customer’s Prescriptions are vital to their health and well-being.

If they can’t take their meds properly, they may end up in the hospital and/or a LTC facility
which means a LOST CUSTOMER and lower revenue for you!

We have a solution that will increase your customer’s medication compliance and living at home with your care for much longer!

Do you have customers who:
  • Take (8) or more medications?
  • Are just confused by their medication regimen?
  • Moving to hospital stays or long-term care facilities due to non-medication adherence?
  • Need nurse visits just to fill their “pill boxes”
Consider these Facts:
  • Seniors taking their meds incorrectly account for a significant number of hospital admissions and death.
  • A large number of seniors fill their pill boxes incorrectly or take the wrong pills.or take the wrong pills.
  • You LOOSE customers when they are forced into a LTC facility due to non-medication adherence on their own.

With Script-Ease Compliance Packaging, you can turn your customer’s compliance over to us and know for sure that your locally owned ConsortiumRx Pharmacy will take the hassle, confusion and risk out of your customers taking the right medications, at the right time, and in the proper quantity. That’s compliance!


  • We will visit each patient at their home to review their current meds and then coordinate with their doctors to insure all prescriptions and correct and up to date.
  • We call the patient back every 4 weeks before we prepare the next pack to insure that we can assist them with any questions and insure that there were no medication changes that were not communicated to us
  • Every four(4)weeks we will deliver 4-weekly packs each convenient, labelled, perforated, color coded, disposable, ”Blister Pack” filled with their prescriptions and separated by the date and time of day the patient is to take them.
  • All your customers have to do is snap and peel to open a single blister to take their meds correctly.
  • Your business revenue remains strong now that you have happy, healthy customers that can continue to live at home for an indefinite period of time, rather than transition to a LTC facility.

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