Script-Ease® Compliance Packs

Your Prescriptions are vital to your health and well-being.

Sadly, they also represent a huge source of risk, frustration, and time.



Discover the safer, easier way to receive, separate, and take your medications

All you do is open the correct pouch for your dose and take your meds!


Do you take eight (8) or more prescriptions?

Do you ever get confused filling your pill box?

Have you ever taken the wrong pill at the wrong time?

Do you worry about your parents taking their meds correctly?


Our Pharmacists Want You To Know !
  • Seniors taking their meds incorrectly account for a significant number of hospital stays
    every year and unnecessary deaths
  • Half of seniors fill their pill boxes incorrectly or take the wrong pills many times each month
  • Did you know that some seniors are so frustrated with sorting when and how many of each med they have to take that they actually have a large ceramic bowl with all of their pill bottles and they simply hope they get it right


We Have The Solution For You!


Parents and Grandparents

Did you know that millions of your loving children spend countless hours worrying about YOU because of the number of prescriptions YOU take? Did you know that millions of other loving children travel countless miles and spend countless hours traveling to make sure YOU are taking YOUR meds correctly?

Our Solution To Solve These Problems

Introducing Script-Ease packaging, a new service from your local CRM Pharmacy. We take all the hassle, confusion, and risk out of taking your medications.

  • We coordinate with you and your doctors on all of your medications and then we send you a pre-filled, disposable, color coded, labeled with date and time “Blister Pack” with your prescriptions for the next four weeks.
  • Then every four weeks we simply send you another “Blister Pack” with the next four weeks.
  • Then, until you tell us to stop, we keep in touch with you and your doctor to keep your prescriptions up to date and ship your prescriptions to you every four weeks.

How Our Solution Solves These Problems

Starting in just a few days, you can turn over the time and worry you spend filling your pill box to us and know for sure that:

  • We will coordinate with you and your doctor to insure your prescriptions are correct and up to date
  • Our Licensed Pharmacist will personally check to insure that your Script-Ease pack is filled correctly before it is shipped to you
  • Each week you will have a convenient, labeled, perforated, color coded, disposable, “Blister Pack” filled with your prescriptions and separated by the date and time of day you are to take them
  • All you have to do is snap and peel to open a single blister and take your meds for that time of day

Here are some of the features that will take away all of the stress, wonder, and worry about taking your meds

Each unique snap and peel “Blister” will be completely labeled for your reference. Labeling includes:

  • Your name so meds never get mixed up with anyone else’s
  • The number of pills in that “Blister”
  • The month, day of the month, and day of the week you are to take that “Blister”
  • Time of day you are to take that “Blister”
  • The name of each med and number of pills in that “Blister”
  • Easy to read and understand labeling
  • At the top of each week’s “Script-Ease” pack is a complete summary of your information including everything you need to know about that pack and what is in it.

When you call us to learn more, one of our Senior Care Advocates, will come out and meet with you in your home or place of residence and explain the whole process so you will know what happens next.

When you proceed, they will personally take responsibility for communicating with you, your doctor, and our pharmacist to insure your prescriptions are up to date, accurate, and complete.


What would it mean to you if you never worried about your meds again?

What would it mean to your husband / wife / children
if they never had to worry about you taking your meds again?

Call us TODAY so that we can take the stress out of taking your meds!

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